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Bored bored bored...

I have absolutely nothing to do. And there's pretty much nobody online.

I guess I'll just have to hunt around download sites, I might find an artist that none of Roz's friends have heard of that we like. Just another one to add to the list.




Everyone must go to  http://www.hellomagazine.com/vote/mostattractiveman/index.html and vote David Tennant. He is so goddamn cute.


Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to Helen and Nicci, both 16 today! Have fun, and try to stay awake tomorrow for the big party. :P

Oh, Nicci, you can now do whatever you want with Kyle! :D



Jack. Is. Fit.

(That's Jack W, btw, before anyone gets the wrong idea)

Talk about a JB lookalike - no wonder he gets known as The Captain. He's got Captain Jack's attitude and everything. Yes, I am in fangirl mode. Yes, I was one of the horde that mobbed him this morning. Yes, I think he is sexy and I wants him.

I've probably just scared him now. Oh well *manic grin*


Quiz. Again

You Are 100% Pure

You're so innocent, it's almost like you're not human.
Taking this test is probably the naughtiest thing you've done in a while!



Something I found on someone else's journal. You pick 12 characters you've created (this may include system members that were based on stories, I guess) and answer the questions. No peeking at the questions before you've chosen the characters.

1) Ailsa Summers
2) Grace Roberts
3) Maya Richmonds
4) Marnie McFayden
5) Elise Porter
6) Elle Canavan
7) Keira-Lynn Andrews
8) Tamsyn Edwards
9) Katarina Weiss
10) Teagan O'Neill
11) Storm Brennan
12) Cassiopeia

the resultsCollapse )

Jenny Lee


My Daemon

It's so pretty! Snow leopards = cute.




It's an adaption of something I found on someone's journal. You post seven things that people don't know about you, then you tag five people. Those five people then have to do the quiz.

1) I love to sing (badly though)
2) Unlike the majority of the system, I am not actually a David fangirl. I just pretend to be so I don't get killed...
3) I used to be part of an amateur dramatics group in Dublin
4) Unlike Tegan, I have never touched Guinness in my life, I think it looks awful.
5) Sometimes I go really hyper and end up trying to dismantle Jo's guitar or other random things
6) I love Sweetypuss t-shirts, they're so cool!
7) I can play the bodhrán a bit, so I'm usually accompanying Tegan's renditions of various songs by The Corrs.

So... I now have to tag five people. I tag:

Kayla of shadowlight_etc
Liam of cactus_guys
Mhairi on the rozanya journal
April on the teh_kerry journal



Seeing how I'm new, I figured it was best to introduce myself.

I'm Jemma Allwood, I'm 16 and I'm from Derby. Well, I was before I turned up here. My best friend is Bethany Hamilton, who hasn't turned up yet (I hope she does though). I kind of hope the McCall twins turn up too, they were so cool.

I kind of know Raquel and Shadowlight from the Battle of the Bands, and I know Michelle, Chardonnay and Sahara bceause I've worked with them. So I'm not completely alone, I've got people to show me the ropes.

But yes. That's me.


Miracles Can Happen

Selene's alive!!

She turned up in the Cactus System, but she's been transferred back to us so she's with Aaron, Nadine and Katie. It's so great to have her back.

We're so happy - welcome back Selene!